May 14, 2009

Rice Heat Therapy Bag

I made a rice-filled heat therapy bag tonight to take with me to the hospital whenever my baby decides he or she is ready to come meet us. We have a heat pack already, but it's one of those hot/cold ones, so I decided to put that in the freezer and just make a heat pack so I'll have both if I need 'em. I followed this great tutorial at Sew, Mama, Sew! and these are the results.

It kind of looks like a Neopolitan cookie to me. Is that weird?

I really only looked at the pictures and briefly glanced at the instructions because I (stupidly) didn't feel like following the directions and I already had a piece of muslin for the inner bag but it wasn't the size called for so I went and figured it out as I went.

Note to self: you stink at math, and you always under-estimate how long and hard things are going to be. Self, next time, follow the directions and save yourself the trouble, okay?

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