May 1, 2009

Pink and Green Swap

I didn't get time to write about it yesterday, but I received my Pink & Green Swap package from my wonderful swap-partner, Kimberly, over at Serendipit-Us. Sarah at Blue Castle hosted this nifty swap in conjunction with Melody at Three Boys and a Dog. When I was sent my info I was so pleased to find Kimberly was my partner for my first swap; it was really fun exploring her blog and exchanging emails. And boy did she get my style down to a pat!

Here's what I sent Kimberly:

These earrings were from a great little art-jewelry shop in
Burlington, VT. I wish I could remember the name of that place!

I hope she enjoyed her package as much as I did mine because when I opened mine, I was like a kid in a candy store. Look how cute the packaging is! The little pearly white flowers were such a nice touch and she sent a sweet note too:

Kimberly sent me these lovely shabby-chic stationary items: note cards, sweet tiny gift tags, pretty pens, a pretty clipboard and covered note pad and, my favourite, flowered file folders.
I also received these really cool oink and green "takeout boxes" and lots of scrapbook embellishments. Kimberly is sooooo thoughtful; see the embellishments on the left? They're baby stickers for me to use when my little one comes this week (I hope)!

Last, but certainly not least, she made this art piece for me:

I can't believe how chock-full of goodies my box was and the care my partner put into choosing them. Thank you, Kimberly! My first swap was definitely a great experience!

Update: If yo want to check out all the other great swap packages, check them out here.


  1. I love those little take out boxes! So adorable. :) Glad you had fun and got to meet another fun blogger. Thank you for joining us. :)