May 12, 2009

The Baby Blanket is done!!

I set about to make this baby blanket for one of DH's expecting co-workers ages ago: and was actually off to a great start. I got three quarters of the way done in two days and then just ran out of knitting-steam. Somehow it took me another two or three weeks to finish knitting, another 2 weeks to block it, and now, a month after blocking, I've just finally made the card with care instructions (no fancy labels for me) and wrapped it up. Good grief!

Well, I think she'll like it just the same. I used a pattern from one of the S'n'B books, this one I think. It's so easy, I don't even use the pattern anymore, but it is beautiful in it's simplicity. Also it's very masculine for a knitted blanket and well suited to bold colors. It's definitely my go-to for handmade baby gifts.

This picture shows the pattern well...

But the color of the yarn is much accurate in this one.

Congratulations Maureen on the birth of little Charlie!!

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