May 10, 2009

Baby Shower photos

Like I said awhile back, my DH had a surprise baby shower thrown for him by the other teachers at his school. This is the amazing cake someone made for him:

He's sort of known as "the tech guy" at school mostly because he's young and comfortable with technology but also because he recently obtained his master's degree in technology in education.

This diaper cake is adorable too:

It must have taken so long to make!

I'm so glad they threw him a shower. He wasn't expecting it at all and it meant a lot to him, dear man.


  1. Hi Katie! I strolled through your blogs and enjoyed it. I love the cake your hubby got! Wow, what great friends. How creative too. Hope your mother's day was blessed.

  2. Aaawww how sweet and cute. And this day is gonna be special for you - Happy mother's day!