May 7, 2009

Nikon D60

I love having these little plants on my window sills. It helps me forget that I don't have a yard or a garden! I can just sit by the window and stare at my two pansies and pretend they're bigger and healthier than they actually are!

Does anyone else think it's amazing what digital cameras can do these days? I can't believe the photos my Nikon D60 can take. This flower here is no bigger than a dime and it's so clear!

I know that for people who actually know how to use a camera, this is probably not earth shattering. But I can't get over it! For someone like me, who as a kid would use an entire roll of film (remember that stuff) taking close ups of flowers with her Mickey Mouse Camera, only to find the pictures were a Blurry Mess, this is pretty exciting stuff!

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