May 2, 2009

Patriotic Swap

Foxgloves, Fabric and Folly is hosting another great swap and I can't help myself - the idea is too good! Her "Very Vintage Fourth Of July Swap" sounds like such a good time! And it puts me in the mood for summer americana and lemonade and cherry pie...Oooh I'm getting tingly. I just love long summer days and I think this will be a really fun way to get in the spirit ahead of time. The swap is set to close on May 15th and then the mailing date is set for June 15th, so everyone will get their packages in time to enjoy them before Independence Day. Make sure you sign up soon to get in on the fun!

Speaking of all the things of summer that I long for during the bleak months of winter, I made a cherry pie yesterday. I am very "frugal" so, when cherries (which I love and can't get enough of when they're fresh) are in season and are at their lowest price for the season at my local farmer's market, I purchase scads of them and spends hours pitting them to freeze for the winter.

(DH constantly asks, "Is this really worth it?" To which I respond, "Pooh...merely a trifle", as I wipe the gathering beads of sweat from my brow when he's not looking. I know he's probably right...but still!)

In theory these frozen goods will be used for delectable pies and mouth-watering cobblers throughout the year, but in practice I inevitably end up making loads of baked goods just in time for the sweet red things to come in season again. Oh well. Whenever we end up eating them, they still taste good, so who's really keeping track? (DH, that's who.) Anyway, here's the pie I made:

It was good but not great. I used suggestions from The Joy of Cooking (ed. circa 1970), which usually hits it out of the park, but I think on pies, they're off. Those little white flecks on the fruit peaking through the vents- that's not sugar. It's undissolved instant tapioca. And, hey, maybe you like your pies gummy and solid like they just came out of the display case at the diner. Some people do. I'm just not one of them.

I like the juice from the fruit to remain juice, just a little thicker. I think next time, instead of tapioca, I'll just stir 1 T sugar (not with fresh fruit - only frozen), 3 T flour, and 2 T lemon juice into the fruit before I put it into the pie shell. And there will definitely be a next time: I still have 8 cups of cherries left in the freezer!!

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