May 1, 2009

Finally, Spring is here to stay!

I know because even after our "heat wave" of 90 degree weather for 5 days straight, it steel feels comfortable at 60 and the flowers and trees continue to thrive (not shrivel up in shock at the drop in temperature). And these are everywhere:

As big and wobbly as I am, when I saw their happy purple faces greeting me outside the kitchen window, I knew I had to have them inside with me. So I got out my scissors, went outside, got into my best squat (my Bradley instructor would be so proud) and cut away. And let me tell you - it was a workout! But totally worth it!

After admiring my little violet friends on the table, I decided to put to good use the information I gleaned from Whip Up yesterday. I've always struggled with how to put a camera to good use; I feel like I should just hand it to someone who knows what they're doing and yet I want to learn! You can take a million shots, but I hate just snapping away and hoping that, maybe, one will come out well. Well I wouldn't say I'm now an expert or even a little bit good, but the tips I read (and links I followed) were tremendously helpful. E.g. "Well, of course, good lighting is key, but what does that mean, and how do I achieve it? Ohhh...that's how!" I hope to get better and better over time! One trick I used this morning was to bounce light back into the composition from opposite the light source in order to soften the shadows. This is what I used:

You like? It's a plastic dough board for rolling out crusts! I used the other side which is flat and white and you know worked!! My white sheet could have been a little more wrinkle-free though...

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