May 4, 2009

Care Package - Hugs In A Box

So a girlfriend of mine who lives out of state was having a rough time a while back (I think things are starting to look up now though!) and so I put together a care package for her. I hope she knows how very much she is loved and missed around here! I think these kind of little things help so much to cheer people up: an unexpected email or card, cookies in the mail, someone dropping by just to give you a hug. Personally, those are the things that mean the most to me when I'm blue or discouraged and I've been so blessed to have friends who've shown me love like that in the past.

One dear friend sent me an arrangement of roses in a mug one Valentine's Day with a note from her and newborn boy. It was such a God-send that year: the first year when all my closest friends were married or paired off and I wasn't yet. I soooo needed that and we hadn't even spoken recently; she just seemed to know!

How do you help a friend who is down in the dumps?

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