April 2, 2009

Makeup Bags

How is it that we can never, ever have enough "little bags". And how come I feel so much better inside when I know things are organized into wee pouches in my purse or closet? It's a mystery, but I do, and I think most of woman-kind would get behind me on this point.

Anyway, I was going through iPhoto and saw these makeup bags I made for a friend last year - and now I want some for me!! Hmmmm...I wonder what Hubby will think of adding another project to the list...

Isn't the fabric fun?!

The "RolyNester" pattern is from StudioKat Designs. They have some fabulous ideas over there - they really are bags "designed for the way women REALLY live". Check out some of the impressive examples of this pattern from other crafters - and I thought the larger ones were difficult!

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