April 2, 2009

I heart freecycle!

A lovely lady on freecycle offered these fabulous sample fabrics that her design company was getting rid of. What a goldmine!!! I got them home and threw all my plans for the day right out the window. I couldn't wait to test drive them, just a wee bit, so I made this pincushion out of the tiny sateen samples...I hate the way the photo turned out (I really need to learn how to use our amazing new camera) but I do love my new pincushion :)

I have to sit on my hands to keep from crafting up all the rest of the samples before I've say, done the dishes, or arranged with the hospital for our stay when my baby comes in 4 weeks...these of course are just minor roadblocks on the highway to sewing nirvana.

It's the Square Deal Pincushion from HELLOmynameisheather; I really enjoy Heather Bailey's website. The design is beautiful and her designs and photos are so inspiring!

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