April 9, 2009

The Giveaway for Modbe Swimsuits!

If you've never visited The Giveaway then now is the time; right now you can enter to win a Modbe swimsuit! These suits are pretty great but pricey in my book, so winning one would be great! Modbe carries a whole variety of swimsuits, all 2 pieces but also all very long in the tank part: some even have ruching which you can let down past the hips for even more coverage- there's even a swim-skirt bottom!

This one's very cute- my favourite I think :)

I like the skirt-action here...

You can see the ruching-detail in this photo.

They all seem to have the feel of 50's swimsuits, only they're made of nylon/spandex like modern suits so you won't get the "vintage swdimsuit wet cotton sagginess"-look. I highly encourage you to check them out and then head over to The Giveaway to enter to win.

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