April 29, 2009

Due Dates Are Bogus!

And I knew that already because our birth instructor and all the literature we've read say it all the time. But that didn't stop me from being shocked when I went in to see my Ob/Gyn today and he told me that I'm due Thursday (yeah, as in two-days-from-today) and not next week! So really, due dates are completely bogus!

I am elated and nervous at the same time - like what if the baby doesn't know he/she is due Thursday and I end up having to be induced? Or what if I go into labor...now? These are not questions I had previously pondered. Also, I think it's kind of funny that it never came up before that the due date we were going off of was wrong, and also strange that the doctor would say "Hey you're due a week earlier than we'd previously discussed!" as if a whole week wasn't a big deal when you're this close to the end of a marathon!

Well, it just goes to show you, "The plans of the heart belong to man, but the answer of the tongue is from the LORD." Also, this all reminds me that this whole science of medicine we have going is really only our best guesses at the mystery of the human body - it's so far beyond our capacity to grasp completely! God's creative power is truly amazing!

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