July 22, 2009

I won!!

I can't believe I won this beautiful kit from Mel's Own Place! I don't win things!

And I am so excited to be making this table topper - it feels so good to be doing something creative after what feels like a really long break. DH probably can't wait for me to finish because the living room (where I do any craft work) is in a shambles!

Mel's Thirty-Something Table Runner is really beautiful (and she designed it herself!), and I'm just hoping mine turns out half so well. I'm finding that sewing the bias-cut triangles is a challenge for me, but I'm learning so much as I go along. Thanks so much Mel!!

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  1. Hi Katie--Congratulations on your win and happy sewing!!! I am new to your blog--I signed up for the Sig block swap and I would like to get to know all the gals that are involved so that when my blocks come back I can truly say they are signed by my friends. So I will be visiting you from time to time and I hope you have time to drop in on me also?? Have a great day--hugs, just, Di