June 11, 2009

Birthday Shopping

What do you get for the woman who has everything and likes nothing? If you said, "Jewelry...duh!", then you answered correctly, because, as all women know, this is a pretty good answer to any question. See the following:

  • "What should I get my girlfriend for valentine's day?"
  • "What can I do to quickly make myself feel more like a woman and less zombie/mommy?"
  • "Wow, my sister is just the best in the world and really should know it. What can I get her to make sure she gets the idea?"
  • "What is it about that little black dress?"
  • "Gee, it's Thursday. I should surprise my wife. What with...?"

See the answer works for almost anything.

I just hope it works for my sister's birthday coming up. Aren't these lovely?

They're from Silpada, one of those direct sales companies. Which I usually don't dig too much, but they sell very high-quality jewelry. I hate buying random jewelry, only to find have to replace the findings myself because they're full of nickel. Silpada uses only sterling silver, so I can look through the catalog for what I like, instead of having to check the text all the time to see if the photos are even worth looking at.

Anyhoo, I ordered these earrings at a jewelry party in April as a gift for my sister's birthday this month. She's always liked turquoise and citrine so I figured these were a good fit. I only hope they aren't too "fancy" for her. She's pretty laid back so I hope the sparkly austrian crystals don't keep her from wearing them. Speaking of which, does anyone know of an etsy shop out there which sells great "laid back" silver jewelry? Suggest away, friends!

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