October 23, 2009


Wow! I haven't posted in over 2 months! Ever since The Boy stopped sleeping 10 hours a day, it hasn't seemed possible, even with Hubby's encouragement to continue.  Oh well!  I'll post when I can :)

If anyone is still reading this, do head over to See Mommy Sew to see the cute children's clothes she's whipping up and to enter her scraps giveaway.

I have so many projects right now that I want to do and some that I've actually begun, but I'm still learning how to drag things out and work on them 10 minutes at a time and then put it all away again.  Its a whole different way of working when compared with intensive crafting for an hour or two.  It takes a lot more focus and determination; things I lack dreadfully.  A challenge!

Do you find schedule changes detrimental to your creative goals?  How do you deal with it?


  1. I definitely like a certain plan for each day and I like that plan to be about the same for each day---but life does happen all around us--SOOOO--I let go of the project I am on and do Life and when that is done I do go back to the project at hand or pick up a smaller/simpler one!!! I have learned then to have more than one project going at all times--I have big ones--making the quilt tops-- and I have smaller ones--embroidery, applique, knitting--something that doesn't take as long to set up to do---and then blogging nearly everyday is good for me , because it does help keep me going so that I have something to show and to write about--but it doesn't always have to be about a quilt or craft project--tell about yourself the family--pets, what ever!!!
    hope this helps--hugs, Di
    I am a siggy block partner--do I have my blocks done--ah--NO!!!!

  2. I have two toddlers, so I have to work when I get the chance. I try to work on things that have to be done in the basement while they are sleeping (some times they'll nap at the same time, but most of the time this means at night) and I leave small things that I can do on the kitchen counter for when they're playing happily. It is not the way I prefer to work, but I am pretty productive anyway.

  3. My youngest will be two years old in January and his change in sleeping habits is also cramping my style! LOL I tend to stay up later than I really should to make up for all the sewing time I miss during the day. And sometimes I resort to giving him chocolate in his high chairs so I know that he will be distracted (and happy) enough to let me sew for 20-30 minutes, even though it means cleaning him up afterwards.